About Us


Formed in 2018, the International Alliance for the Survival and Sovereignty of European People or IASSEP’s mission is to ensure not only the continued existence of people of European descent, but also the sovereignty of all nations founded by and for these Europeans.


A Message From The IASSEP

Europe. A continent, the most beautiful on Earth. A people, the greatest this world has ever seen. Our women, the most breathtaking. Our men, the bravest and most wise. Every great nation on this Earth has been the result of Europe. It was Europe who gave us America. Who discovered, settled, fought, and died for her. We seem to have forgotten this. As Americans, we are Europeans. And those of us who aren’t, are not American. As Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, any nation of men of European blood, we are Europeans.ย Some of our nations may have experienced influence not of European nature. But the things introduced to us in this way have been only the undesirable. Nothing good on this Earth today comes from a place or people not European. Europe may have a vastly diverse set of political and economic goals, but together we share two things of which nothing is of greater importance or value, our race and our culture, both of which are under attack.

We have been introduced, and fairly recently considering the span of our history, to the idea that all people are the same. That we are different in race, culture, tradition, beliefs, goals, history, common struggles, even in our physical appearance and capacity for intelligence, but yet somehow all the same. The idea that somehow people who have nothing in common and agree on absolutely nothing could come together into one nation, and that it would lead to anything other than the conflict that arises as the result of our disagreement.ย This idea, this social experiment as some choose to see it was never intended to be a successful endeavor, at least not as far as a racially diverse yet unified society goes. Because it was never an experiment, never a well intentioned undertaking, rather a planned attack. One that though demographic replacement, miscegenation, the destruction of our sense of duty, and the erasure of everything we once were would lead to a world free of Europeans, as was always the end goal of those who introduced this multicultural fantasy. If you don’t believe it, look at which nations are becoming and by force for what it’s worth, multicultural. It’s not happening in Africa. It’s not happening in Asia or the Middle East. It’s happening only where you find Europeans.

Europe is dying. In our home nations we are being replaced out of existence. In our schools we are being taught to hate ourselves and our history. We are taught that diluting our bloodlines and erasing our genes, destroying thousands of years of racially pure blood and the dreams of our ancestors is not only acceptable, but desirable. That mixed race children are healthier and happier despite the reality of racially mixed children suffering a lifetime of identity crisis, fitting in and having a sense of belonging with the people of neither of the races between which they are mixed, this being because half-black is not white, and neither is half-white black. But just because your parents have stolen your identity, this does not mean that we will forfeit ours.

Across the nations of Europe, in the east, the west, the north, and the south, we all have our own unique set of challenges. We all face our own battles, but these battles are all against different manifestations of the same beast. And we fight not only for the future of our own nations but for the future of Europe, as a whole, as a continent, a people, a culture, a gift to humanity, and a necessity to human progress and a better world. As of now, we are losing this fight. Everything is stacked against us it would seem. Governments, the media, our education systems, popular culture, and even our own people. But look back at history. We are Europeans, and we have faced countless challenges as great or greater than that which we face today. They can erase this history from our textbooks. They can ban it from television, the internet, or conversation. But, they can not erase it from our memory and from our hearts. They can not take the blood from out of us that holds this European spirit.ย Some feel this spirit has died. But if you feel that way, and if it makes your blood boil to watch it happen, then that means our spirit lives on in you. And this can only mean one thing, that it has not died. Our enemies do not have this. They have but one thing, money. But it was not money that saved Europe time and time again from those who would seek to destroy her. It was men, men like you and I, coming together, saying that we are not having it, and taking action. The moment we decide to do this is the moment we take back what is rightfully ours, that we reclaim our future and live to see another day as Europeans.

Don’t fall for the tricks and traps of the modern world. Don’t slip into a life of mediocrity and consumption, waiting to die. You’ll often hear the question of why so many young European men end up addicted to drugs or committing seemingly random acts of violence, shooting up schools or their workplace, or sometimes just shooting themselves. Well, the answer is simple. We were never meant for the lives we have been forced to live, this meaningless existence. The blood of kings, explorers, conquerers, innovators, of greatness, flows through our veins. You can’t stick us in a black, Hispanic, Arab, or Asian neighborhood where we are alienated like strangers in our own nations and tell us to answer phone calls or flip burgers for eight hours a day, and not expect a few of us to lose our minds every now and then. Don’t let it happen to you. Stand up like men. Stand up and reclaim your destiny. Defend what your ancestors fought so hard to build and to maintain for you. Defend it with your life if necessary. If you are ready, your people are waiting. The time is now. Join us.