Instead of wasting our time arguing with the left over whether or not white privilege is a real thing, we should see the idea of white privilege as an opportunity. Embracing white privilege as our current “reality” would open the door to conversation about why having a nation built around things like common ethnicity, religion, and language makes more sense. If we could shift the nature of society’s pushes for equality away from inclusion and more into minorities earning their right to have their own government, one that they benefit most from, we could stop trying to beat and rather join the left in working towards a common goal. Privilege for all. Though we know not every group would see the same outcome when left alone, nobody could claim oppression by another group if there wasn’t one. White privilege can’t hold you back if there’s no whites. It sounds like a stretch, but it’s an easier conversation to have than you’d think. For example, here’s a few questions you could ask someone.

First, ask if they believe that white Americans and African Americans tend to have a different experience living in the United States. Most people would agree that they do, because it’s the truth. Then, you could ask if they believe that the experience of the white American is generally more positive than that of the African American. Of course. Because, white privilege obviously. And if so, is this because the white American has a government that puts his interest before that of the African American? Again, white privilege. So, yea. And since whites do, do they believe African Americans would also benefit from a government that puts their interest before that of everyone else? It would only make sense, wouldn’t it? And finally, being as how white Americans already have their own self-serving government why do African Americans not deserve the same opportunity? At this point, if you’re not ready to divide the “nation” into separate ethno-states you must be a racist. Only someone who didn’t want African Americans or other minorities to experience liberty, pride, and prosperity would try to stop them from having their own pro-self, privilege providing system. If someone is on the fence, it might be better to let them accept the reality that whites are no longer experiencing privilege in their own countries and start from there. But if someone is a true anti-white, privilege-dismantling champion of justice, you’d probably have an easier time selling them the end goal and packaging it as the solution that most benefits minorities.