Libertarians say borders limit freedom. But, most of the world doesnโ€™t cherish freedom the way Americans do. Something that limits freedom even quicker than borders is mass migration of people who could care less about freedom, who gain the majority of the population and use their vote to do just that. Even if there was no government, no elections, or laws to vote on, it would still happen. Once they had the numbers, the new population would form their own coalition and what would eventually turn into a government, or as libertarians see it, men with guns. Libertarians love their โ€œunalienable rights.โ€ This is when all of those disappear, because they never existed to begin with. Men with guns outnumbering yours can always and at any point take from you any right theyโ€™d like. Libertarians seem convinced that simply calling them statists and remaining ideologically consistent by not interfering would somehow prevent this.

In recent years, many libertarians have come to the realization that freedom isnโ€™t free. It must be defended, with guns. And that it takes more than just people keeping rifles and shotguns in their home. We need borders and someone to defend them. We need a way to keep people out of our country who would threaten this way of life that they talk about. Many seem to go through a brief phase of a sort of libertarian fascism, where they humor the idea of physically removing anyone who threatens the libertarian order and establishing their paradise by force. Eventually they realize that the only way to maintain the order theyโ€™ve created would also be force. This is when they finally realize the role of the state and become slightly more authoritarian as well as nationalist. This is a good thing. They will tell you their numbers are growing, but many of 2016โ€™s libertarians are now fighting for the ethno-state. To any libertarians reading this, if you truly care about your freedoms, itโ€™s time to abandon the passive libertarian approach of watching the nation fall apart from the privacy of your home and start defending them. You must also understand that you canโ€™t do it alone.