The Amish are the best example we have of what true traditionalism looks like. Through the generations of American degeneration and in some aspects, advancement, the Amish have through organization and segregation, maintained their way of life despite it all. The bloodline, culture, traditions, and day to day life of the Amish have remained undiluted by ideas or people foreign to their own. They refuse to sacrifice their identity and lifeโ€™s purpose to conform to the accepted societal norms of today, and are having six to seven children per family on average. For these reasons, they may one day be the last remaining whites in the United States. They are able to live this way because they donโ€™t care if they arenโ€™t accepted by the rest of society or if theyโ€™re seen as crazy. Their concern is with remaining true to themselves. Many within our โ€œmovementโ€ say and think that they know what they want, but most arenโ€™t actually willing to become the outcast that they inevitably and potentially irreversibly will become for being a part of it, and theyโ€™re supporting a cause whoโ€™s success would result in the separation from or loss of people and things they arenโ€™t willing to give up. Nobody is suggesting we give up our technology or any of the other seemingly vital (to us) things the Amish choose to live without, but itโ€™s important to be sure you actually want to live in the world youโ€™re trying to create. And if you do, create it. Live in it alone if you have to. If people want to join you, thatโ€™s great. If they donโ€™t, do you really want them around anyway, or would they just be another โ€œenemy?โ€