In regard to Israel, we oppose providing any financial or military support. However, while we “condemn in the strongest possible terms” the many Jewish wars and extortion rackets that have plagued our European nations in the past and present, we realize that a total extermination of the Jewish race, as of now, is not realistic. It is for this reason that despite our disapproval of every person and every thing Jewish, we do support the existence of a Jewish state. And though the Jews in no way deserve Israel as the location of their state, thatโ€™s where they are already so thatโ€™s where the following ideas would be most easily implemented.

If our European leaders ever did muster up the courage to once again expel the Jews from our homelands, without the existence of Israel, we would have nowhere to send them. If the entire continent of Europe decided to physically remove every Jew from their population, these Jews would just end up in America, or vice versa. Jews are evil, if there is such a thing, but they are not stupid. Despite what they say in public and force on our people, they realize that it is most desirable to live amongst their own. And they do so, from within the borders of their host nations, all the while exploiting the resources and blood of its people. Nevertheless, they tend to stick with their own. If Israel provided a safe and stable homeland for Jews, they would take off for Israel at the slightest hint of trouble from any uncompromising and determined host, as it is in the nature of the Jew to leech, but only up to the point where it feels threatened or is no longer able to do so, at which point it runs like the cowardly creature that it is.

Furthermore, if ever the day came when by some divine intervention we were gifted a leader willing to do what it actually takes, having the Jews confined to one small area or nation would make it significantly easier to deal with the problem. Such a leader could drop a few bombs and take out most to all of the worldโ€™s Jewish population, depending on how well we had prepared ourselves for such a day by driving them out of our nations and concentrating them into a relatively small state of Israel. This stance is not commonly accepted by many nationalists as in reaction to what the Jews have done to us, we naturally tend to oppose anything Jewish, meaning Israel included. But for strategic reasons, and again, without providing any physical or monetary support to a Jewish state, it may be in our best interest to reconsider our opposition to the mere existence of one. The idea of one calling them self a Zionist National Socialist or any variation of the sort is enough to make almost any truly self determined European gag and would at first surely make this person look to most like a shill, or someone who isnโ€™t โ€œanti-Israelโ€ enough to possibly fully understand what the Jews are all about and what being given Israel has meant for them, but having a place to send and potentially lay to rest, our enemies, when the opportunity presents itself may be in our best interest.