Your typical Republican or conservative of any sort will complain about the way things are, but they will never tell you who or what is really causing it. This is because they donโ€™t actually intend on doing anything about it, rather offering the mere illusion of another side to the debate. And it is entirely necessary that we call them out, that we reject the systems in place, and that we make every attempt to crush these systems, replacing them with our own. However, not everyone should take part in this, at least not publicly. Being as how the owners of the Republican VS Democrat / Conservative VS Progressive Show have all the money. Being as how all the media attention and conversation is focused on them, itโ€™s entirely necessary, contrary to the beliefs of many within our circles, that some of us continue to play along. We have to infiltrate their space and ranks in the same way ours have been infiltrated by certain pesky tribes and other forms of cancer. As of now, we donโ€™t have the numbers or the money to stand a chance against either side of the establishment and we likely never will, unless some of them are actually just more of us. Itโ€™s time some of us understood this. If you canโ€™t bear the thought of pretending to be something you arenโ€™t for any period of time, thatโ€™s fine. You donโ€™t have to. But donโ€™t attack the ones who do for participating in a system you reject. They are just as useful in itโ€™s defeat.

And by taking part in the show, this doesnโ€™t have to mean running for Congress or having a TV show, you can do it online right from home. For example, what I used to do, mostly in the year leading up to and the one following the 2016 election, is use my personal account to start a conversation or make a meme complaining about letโ€™s say, degeneracy in Hollywood films, making sure to blame nobody but the โ€œliberalsโ€ and the left in general. Then, once I saw someone show an interest in actually finding out why this was, I would join the conversation using my alternate anonymous accounts, and start telling them who or what they needed to direct their anger at. If I was successful, eventually that follower would end up despising the person behind the original account they followed which unfortunately was my personal account, and end up following the alternate account, at least until is was taken down. Though it led to many people Iโ€™d prefer to be associating with hating me, it allowed me to easily gain a fairly significant amount of followers and activity on my account, which eventually led to my successful pulling of many people closer to the truth, all without having to worry about censorship, de-platforming, or scaring away those who werenโ€™t fully ready for that truth yet.

Being as how establishment conservative types only represent another side of the same coin, you really donโ€™t have to worry much about censorship if you play the role well enough and remain consistent, only dropping the slightest hints of what you really believe into the mix, and doing so discreetly. The only times I ever had a post removed or reported, it was when I stepped out of character, which actually means it was a good thing they were removed. If someone does attack you for one of these slips, assuming youโ€™ve maintained that consistency and have a long enough history of conservative posts, you can easily evade by simply saying that they are misunderstanding what you meant and point to all your past posts, asking them to find one example of racism, anti-semitism, or whatever it is that you are being accused of. You have to make certain there is nothing for them to find. And for that reason, especially in the age of doxxing and due to the fact that anything youโ€™ve ever put online is still there somewhere to find, this strategy should really only be used by people who are actually new to our corner of politics. If you choose to do it anyway, just take every precaution you can to avoid detection and being called out, though if youโ€™ve succeeded, your new converts will understand that the way in which they were brought to the correct side of the argument does not matter, only that it happened. It might sound silly hearing things like โ€œinfiltratingโ€ or โ€œavoiding detectionโ€ when weโ€™re talking about Twitter posts, but thatโ€™s the way things are now. In a sense, itโ€™s become that serious.

You can turn anything into a positive for us, if you do it right. You could use a Young Republicans Twitter account full of mindless bot-like followers who just retweet anything pro-Trump without even reading it and post a pro-Israel meme, only to flood the replies or comments with stories about Palestine, and it would work. Some of the few open minded people out there would engage in that conversation. And some of those who did, might even change their opinion. Likewise, you could use a Black Lives Matter account to post anti-white messages only to open a conversation about the way their group views whites. These are just a couple examples among limitless possibilities. Obviously, many of you reading this have most likely already engaged in what would basically just be trolling, where youโ€™re sarcastically posting things you disagree with. And Iโ€™m sure most of you realize that this can be effective. But, what weโ€™re suggesting is keeping it going, never breaking character. Of course again, this would be easiest for someone whoโ€™s always only had that role. Thereโ€™s a million ways to help the cause, and we shouldnโ€™t all pick the same one. We need stepping stones, but we also need those to be around who openly talk about issues like those regarding Jews and other less accepted realities when people start to have those questions. We donโ€™t need to create some massive umbrella group or movement and all organize under it. Even if itโ€™s not together, if we all participate somehow, weโ€™ll win. And for some of you, you might be better suited for and more comfortable with playing the โ€œcuckservativeโ€ but still helping, rather than losing your career or whatever it may be. Thatโ€™s ok. Do it. But, do it right.