It’s safe to assume that regardless of where you live, any act of violence which is not in self-defense is against the law. Please govern yourselves accordingly. You will be of no meaningful use to the cause if you are stuck sitting in a jail cell.

If you live in a country which is lucky enough to enjoy the right to freedom of speech, it is important to keep in mind that this almost never means that ALL speech is legal. For example, in the United States, you can use any word you like in a private setting or online (in most cases). However, in-person speech directed at specific individuals which could be viewed as speech that might provoke a physical response or as it has been termed “fighting words” is not protected speech. This means no marching past crowds of blacks and calling them niggers, or past a synagogue yelling gas the kikes. You can even get in trouble for calling homosexuals faggots, if it’s to their face.ย Likewise, you can not say things that could be viewed as inciting violence. If you need to say something that would suggest an endorsement of violence, you must phrase it in a way in which you are merely stating that such violence will occur, as if inevitably and most importantly, not because of anything you said. For example, you couldn’t say, “I want all of my followers to go to X event and start attacking people.” You would have to say, “X event is coming up, someone WILL show up and start attacking people.” Or, “It’d be a shame if this happened.” Please look into these speech laws in your area before saying anything you might come to regret. There’s almost always a way to get your message out, you just have to get creative sometimes.

Next, if thereโ€™s one symbol that has been banned or been the reason for the creation of new speech related laws more than any other, itโ€™s the swastika. Currently, use of the swastika is illegal in the following countries:ย Austria, Czech Republic,ย France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania,ย Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Some countries allow exceptions when used for religious purposes, but any use which is in support of the NSDAP or National Socialism in general is not allowed.

Similarly, denial of the Holocaust is also illegal in the following countries:ย Australia,ย Austria,ย Belgium, Czech Republic,ย France, Germany,ย Greece,ย Hungary, Italy,ย Liechtenstein, Lithuania,ย Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,ย Russia, Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland.

Also banned in several countries is the Roman Salute. Those countries would be:ย Austria,ย Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany,ย Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland.