Whites In America


The map above shows what percentage of each state’s population is white. Theseย numbers are changing more rapidly than ever. Low white birth rates and immigration are quickly damaging the demographics of our nation beyond repair. We’ve reached the point where even if the borders were closed today and America never took in another immigrant, whites would still lose the majority in the near future and continue to be an ever shrinking minority just due to birth rates. Among children under the age of ten, white is already the minority in America.ย If Americans want to do something to reverse this trend, it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take much more radical measures than simply ending DACA or building a border wall. Many Americans concerned with the demographic shift feel a lot more optimistic with the current administration than they have with previous administrations, but the displacement of white Americans has not been stopped, hardly even slowed down. We’ve taken great strides in the right direction, but we have to keep going. The entirely justified positions taken by many conservatives have in recent years been considered too extreme for public discord. These positions have gone mainstream and aren’t nearly as taboo in 2018. It’s now necessary to begin normalizing even more direct solutions in the same way while we have the momentum.

Average IQ By Race


In 2018, even the mere acknowledgment of the existence of statistics that might suggest the slightest of differences between the races, no matter how factual they may be, will surely result in one’s being labeled a racist. Nevertheless, it’s important that people have access to this information in order to draw logical conclusions about the world around them.ย Above is a graph representing IQ levels by race. The data suggests that all men are not created equal and that the races have real genetic differences, even regarding intelligence.

World Religion 2018


The map above shows the dominant religion in each country. It’s important to keep in mind that many countries have religious minorities that make up a significant portion of their population. These minorities are not represented here.

Christianity And Nationalism


Many nationalists love to hate Christianity. They see it as nothing more than a Jewish-made threat to the white race. But the reality is, though most don’t even slightly resemble a true Christian, self-proclaimed Christians still make up over 80% of the American population. In most European countries, it is the same story. So whether you like it or not, if our movement is not appealing to Christians, we stand absolutely no chance of ever realizing our goals.

There are plenty of reasons to criticize Christianity, or at least the Church the way it stands today. But, there are also many reasons Christianity should be appreciated and embraced. Especially when compared to the other two Abrahamic religions, Christianity is a true testament to the glory of the European people. At the very least, it’s a far more aesthetically pleasing and morally sound religion. Just look at the breathtakingly beautiful places of worship we’ve built. Look at what we’ve accomplished with one book, one message of hope. Though some of the traits represented in the Bible may be viewed as weaknesses, such as the altruistic nature of the European, Christianity and the Bible show us the kind of men we are, regardless of whether or not we wish we didn’t possess some of these flaws. And even if they are nothing more than stories we made up, mere reflections of what we see as right and wrong, good and evil, Christianity does provide countless examples of our selfless desire to do right by our families, our nation, our planet, our God, and others.

Also, there are many long lost scriptures and truths within the Bible that can be used to our advantage. For example, most Christians today believe that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Whether or not you believe in Jesus, anyone who’s actually read the Bible would know that if He was real and the Bible accurate, not only was Jesus not a Jew, He despised them. The Bible is full of stories of different tribes fighting for their survival. The Bible would suggest God Himself created the nation-state. It was God who separated the races and confused their tongues so they wouldn’t be able to “live in harmony”, as this was never His intention for mankind. The type of “Christianity” preached in most churches today is in no way similar to the ideas found in the Bible.

We must reclaim our religion from the Jews who seek to use it as a tool for the destruction of the very people who created it and these we mention are among the types of messages we should be putting out in regards to Christianity. If you aren’t already, this isn’t an attempt at making a Christian of you. But, attacking Christians only hurts our cause. If you hate the religion, don’t talk about it. But if you must, don’t do it in a way that will alienate Christians within the movement. Don’t scare potential recruits away with unproductive criticisms. If you’re trying to win over a Christian, you won’t do so by attempting to get them to abandon their faith because you see it as incompatible with the goals of our movement. Instead, you should focus on showing them scripture which opposes race-mixing, show them what Martin Luther said about the Jews, or turn their proud Christian faith into proud faith in Aryan excellence by helping them realize that no other race of people is capable of creating such an amazing thing. Slowly turn their religious fanaticism into racial fanaticism. Show them why these sorts of things such as their culture and way of life must be defended at all costs.

While at times Christianity has been divisive, it has also at times given Europeans the ideas to rally behind, and the moral justification needed to fight and win several necessary wars. Yes and unfortunately, Christianity is playing a major role in the softening of the white race. Yes, it is the reason many whites feel a moral duty to flood their nations with needy immigrants. But at the same time, it may also be the only reason Europe didn’t fall sooner. But, in order for Christianity to be anything other than a threat to our existence in today’s world, it must be restored to its original form. If that’s not the battle you’d prefer to fight, then don’t. But again, it is absolutely necessary that we stop making Christians feel they have no place within any sort of nationalist movement, because they do, and we do need them on our side.

Why Some New Converts To Ethno-Nationalistic Ideologies Should Hide It


Your typical Republican or conservative of any sort will complain about the way things are, but they will never tell you who or what is really causing it. This is because they don’t actually intend on doing anything about it, rather offering the mere illusion of another side to the debate. And it is entirely necessary that we call them out, that we reject the systems in place, and that we make every attempt to crush these systems, replacing them with our own. However, not everyone should take part in this, at least not publicly. Being as how the owners of the Republican VS Democrat / Conservative VS Progressive Show have all the money. Being as how all the media attention and conversation is focused on them, it’s entirely necessary, contrary to the beliefs of many within our circles, that some of us continue to play along. We have to infiltrate their space and ranks in the same way ours have been infiltrated by certain pesky tribes and other forms of cancer. As of now, we don’t have the numbers or the money to stand a chance against either side of the establishment and we likely never will, unless some of them are actually just more of us. It’s time some of us understood this. If you can’t bear the thought of pretending to be something you aren’t for any period of time, that’s fine. You don’t have to. But don’t attack the ones who do for participating in a system you reject. They are just as useful in it’s defeat.

And by taking part in the show, this doesn’t have to mean running for Congress or having a TV show, you can do it online right from home. For example, what I used to do, mostly in the year leading up to and the one following the 2016 election, is use my personal account to start a conversation or make a meme complaining about let’s say, degeneracy in Hollywood films, making sure to blame nobody but the “liberals” and the left in general. Then, once I saw someone show an interest in actually finding out why this was, I would join the conversation using my alternate anonymous accounts, and start telling them who or what they needed to direct their anger at. If I was successful, eventually that follower would end up despising the person behind the original account they followed which unfortunately was my personal account, and end up following the alternate account, at least until is was taken down. Though it led to many people I’d prefer to be associating with hating me, it allowed me to easily gain a fairly significant amount of followers and activity on my account, which eventually led to my successful pulling of many people closer to the truth, all without having to worry about censorship, de-platforming, or scaring away those who weren’t fully ready for that truth yet.

Being as how establishment conservative types only represent another side of the same coin, you really don’t have to worry much about censorship if you play the role well enough and remain consistent, only dropping the slightest hints of what you really believe into the mix, and doing so discreetly. The only times I ever had a post removed or reported, it was when I stepped out of character, which actually means it was a good thing they were removed. If someone does attack you for one of these slips, assuming you’ve maintained that consistency and have a long enough history of conservative posts, you can easily evade by simply saying that they are misunderstanding what you meant and point to all your past posts, asking them to find one example of racism, anti-semitism, or whatever it is that you are being accused of. You have to make certain there is nothing for them to find. And for that reason, especially in the age of doxxing and due to the fact that anything you’ve ever put online is still there somewhere to find, this strategy should really only be used by people who are actually new to our corner of politics. If you choose to do it anyway, just take every precaution you can to avoid detection and being called out, though if you’ve succeeded, your new converts will understand that the way in which they were brought to the correct side of the argument does not matter, only that it happened. It might sound silly hearing things like “infiltrating” or “avoiding detection” when we’re talking about Twitter posts, but that’s the way things are now. In a sense, it’s become that serious.

You can turn anything into a positive for us, if you do it right. You could use a Young Republicans Twitter account full of mindless bot-like followers who just retweet anything pro-Trump without even reading it and post a pro-Israel meme, only to flood the replies or comments with stories about Palestine, and it would work. Some of the few open minded people out there would engage in that conversation. And some of those who did, might even change their opinion. Likewise, you could use a Black Lives Matter account to post anti-white messages only to open a conversation about the way their group views whites. These are just a couple examples among limitless possibilities. Obviously, many of you reading this have most likely already engaged in what would basically just be trolling, where you’re sarcastically posting things you disagree with. And I’m sure most of you realize that this can be effective. But, what we’re suggesting is keeping it going, never breaking character. Of course again, this would be easiest for someone who’s always only had that role. There’s a million ways to help the cause, and we shouldn’t all pick the same one. We need stepping stones, but we also need those to be around who openly talk about issues like those regarding Jews and other less accepted realities when people start to have those questions. We don’t need to create some massive umbrella group or movement and all organize under it. Even if it’s not together, if we all participate somehow, we’ll win. And for some of you, you might be better suited for and more comfortable with playing the “cuckservative” but still helping, rather than losing your career or whatever it may be. That’s ok. Do it. But, do it right.

The Amish: Leading By Example


The Amish are the best example we have of what true traditionalism looks like. Through the generations of American degeneration and in some aspects, advancement, the Amish have through organization and segregation, maintained their way of life despite it all. The bloodline, culture, traditions, and day to day life of the Amish have remained undiluted by ideas or people foreign to their own. They refuse to sacrifice their identity and life’s purpose to conform to the accepted societal norms of today, and are having six to seven children per family on average. For these reasons, they may one day be the last remaining whites in the United States. They are able to live this way because they don’t care if they aren’t accepted by the rest of society or if they’re seen as crazy. Their concern is with remaining true to themselves. Many within our “movement” say and think that they know what they want, but most aren’t actually willing to become the outcast that they inevitably and potentially irreversibly will become for being a part of it, and they’re supporting a cause who’s success would result in the separation from or loss of people and things they aren’t willing to give up. Nobody is suggesting we give up our technology or any of the other seemingly vital (to us) things the Amish choose to live without, but it’s important to be sure you actually want to live in the world you’re trying to create. And if you do, create it. Live in it alone if you have to. If people want to join you, that’s great. If they don’t, do you really want them around anyway, or would they just be another “enemy?”

How Libertarianism Puts Liberty At Risk


Libertarians say borders limit freedom. But, most of the world doesn’t cherish freedom the way Americans do. Something that limits freedom even quicker than borders is mass migration of people who could care less about freedom, who gain the majority of the population and use their vote to do just that. Even if there was no government, no elections, or laws to vote on, it would still happen. Once they had the numbers, the new population would form their own coalition and what would eventually turn into a government, or as libertarians see it, men with guns. Libertarians love their “unalienable rights.” This is when all of those disappear, because they never existed to begin with. Men with guns outnumbering yours can always and at any point take from you any right they’d like. Libertarians seem convinced that simply calling them statists and remaining ideologically consistent by not interfering would somehow prevent this.

In recent years, many libertarians have come to the realization that freedom isn’t free. It must be defended, with guns. And that it takes more than just people keeping rifles and shotguns in their home. We need borders and someone to defend them. We need a way to keep people out of our country who would threaten this way of life that they talk about. Many seem to go through a brief phase of a sort of libertarian fascism, where they humor the idea of physically removing anyone who threatens the libertarian order and establishing their paradise by force. Eventually they realize that the only way to maintain the order they’ve created would also be force. This is when they finally realize the role of the state and become slightly more authoritarian as well as nationalist. This is a good thing. They will tell you their numbers are growing, but many of 2016’s libertarians are now fighting for the ethno-state. To any libertarians reading this, if you truly care about your freedoms, it’s time to abandon the passive libertarian approach of watching the nation fall apart from the privacy of your home and start defending them. You must also understand that you can’t do it alone.

A Better Way To Approach “White Privilege”


Instead of wasting our time arguing with the left over whether or not white privilege is a real thing, we should see the idea of white privilege as an opportunity. Embracing white privilege as our current “reality” would open the door to conversation about why having a nation built around things like common ethnicity, religion, and language makes more sense. If we could shift the nature of society’s pushes for equality away from inclusion and more into minorities earning their right to have their own government, one that they benefit most from, we could stop trying to beat and rather join the left in working towards a common goal. Privilege for all. Though we know not every group would see the same outcome when left alone, nobody could claim oppression by another group if there wasn’t one. White privilege can’t hold you back if there’s no whites. It sounds like a stretch, but it’s an easier conversation to have than you’d think. For example, here’s a few questions you could ask someone.

First, ask if they believe that white Americans and African Americans tend to have a different experience living in the United States.ย Most people would agree that they do, because it’s the truth. Then, you could ask if they believe that the experience of the white American is generally more positive than that of the African American. Of course. Because, white privilege obviously. And if so, isย this because the white American has a government that puts his interest before that of the African American? Again, white privilege. So, yea. And since whites do, do they believe African Americans would also benefit from a government that puts their interest before that of everyone else? It would only make sense, wouldn’t it? And finally, being as how white Americans already have their own self-serving government why do African Americans not deserve the same opportunity? At this point, if you’re not ready to divide the “nation” into separate ethno-states you must be a racist. Only someone who didn’t want African Americans or other minorities to experience liberty, pride, and prosperity would try to stop them from having their own pro-self, privilege providing system. If someone is on the fence, it might be better to let them accept the reality that whites are no longer experiencing privilege in their own countries and start from there. But if someone is a true anti-white, privilege-dismantling champion of justice, you’d probably have an easier time selling them the end goal and packaging it as the solution that most benefits minorities.

The Israel Question


In regard to Israel, we oppose providing any financial or military support. However, while we condemn in the strongest possible terms the many Jewish wars and extortion rackets that have plagued our European nations in the past and present, we realize that a total extermination of the Jewish race, as of now, is not realistic. It is for this reason that despite our disapproval of every person and every thing Jewish, we do support the existence of a Jewish state. And though the Jews in no way deserve Israel as the location of their state, that’s where they are already so that’s where the following ideas would be most easily implemented.

If our European leaders ever did muster up the courage to once again expel the Jews from our homelands, without the existence of Israel, we would have nowhere to send them. If the entire continent of Europe decided to physically remove every Jew from their population, these Jews would just end up in America, or vice versa. Jews are evil, if there is such a thing, but they are not stupid. Despite what they say in public and force on our people, they realize that it is most desirable to live amongst their own. And they do so, from within the borders of their host nations, all the while exploiting the resources and blood of its people. Nevertheless, they tend to stick with their own. If Israel provided a safe and stable homeland for Jews, they would take off for Israel at the slightest hint of trouble from any uncompromising and determined host, as it is in the nature of the Jew to leech, but only up to the point where it feels threatened or is no longer able to do so, at which point it runs like the cowardly creature that it is.

Furthermore, if ever the day came when by some divine intervention we were gifted a leader willing to do what it actually takes, having the Jews confined to one small area or nation would make it significantly easier to deal with the problem. Such a leader could drop a few bombs and take out most to all of the worldโ€™s Jewish population, depending on how well we had prepared ourselves for such a day by driving them out of our nations and concentrating them into a relatively small state of Israel. This stance is not commonly accepted by many nationalists as in reaction to what the Jews have done to us, we naturally tend to oppose anything Jewish, meaning Israel included. But for strategic reasons, and again, without providing any physical or monetary support to a Jewish state, it may be in our best interest to reconsider our opposition to the mere existence of one. The idea of one calling them self a Zionist National Socialist or any variation of the sort is enough to make almost any truly self determined European gag and would at first surely make this person look to most like a shill, or someone who isn’t “anti-Israel” enough to possibly fully understand what the Jews are all about and what being given Israel has meant for them, but having a place to send and potentially lay to rest, our enemies, when the opportunity presents itself may be in our best interest.

History Suggests Trannies Spell Doom


History suggests that the average lifespan of an empire is about 250 years, which is frightening when you consider the fact that the United States declared independence 242 years ago. As John Glubb writes in The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival, an empire typically has 6 ages, or phases in itโ€™s existence. They are the age of pioneers, the age of conquest, the age of commerce, the age of affluence, the age of intellect, and finally, the age of decadence.

Every empire is eventually overthrown and replaced by groups who portray their movements as a sort of progress or renewal, in order to destroy the culture and eventually the existence of the former ruling class. They break down the civilization little by little from within until nothing is left of it. Every age of decadence, which is when most of this would occur, has a few things in common. They usually have an undisciplined and overextended military, flamboyant displays of wealth, massive disparity between rich and poor, and an obsession with sex. This obsession leads to sexual degeneracy like homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, prostitution, unfaithfulness, and the blending of gender roles.

Whether or not you think it has anything to do with God or His wrath, as the Bible tells us happened in Sodom and Gomorrah, if you look back in history, every civilization experiences spikes in these different forms of degeneracy just prior to their demise. Transgenders have made a habit of always popping up right before the end, and itโ€™s worth noting. Just as an infatuation with sports, entertainment, or anything else that distracts a people from what is going on in the world around them is a sign, so is transgenderism, a sign of collapse. Transgenderism may not be a cause in the way that an obsession with wealth and materialism would be, but it is a sign.

People stop caring as they become more sophisticated and get more caught up in themselves. Theyโ€™d rather watch sports than hear what their politicians are saying, and they begin to adopt a sort of โ€œlive and let liveโ€ mentality. They might feel inside that certain things are not normal or acceptable, but theyโ€™d rather let these things be than take a stand for what they believe in. Often times this is simply because they donโ€™t care enough about their society to even be bothered with the argument. Essentially, theyโ€™re enjoying their own lives too much to worry about everyone else. Which is not a bad thing in itself, but this societal neglect and tolerance of decay eventually leads to a downfall.

Once a people attain the greatness their forefathers envisioned, when theyโ€™ve finished their conquest, established themselves, and grown to the point where they are comfortable, they become just that, comfortable. They no longer feel as much pressure to be men of the stature of their grandfathers. Things like knowledge and strength become less important as they become less necessary in order to succeed. Men become dumber, weaker, and more feminine. Masculinity becomes counter culture. If you look back at ancient art, whether it’s the Romans, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, or any other fallen people, you’ll noticeย the athletes and warriors that they painted and made beautiful sculptures of start to become weaker and hold more feminine poses leading up to their demise. You’ll also see their leaders openly engaging in homosexual relationships.

That looks a lot like us right now, in the United States and the West in general. Compare the average American male of today to the average man just 50 years ago. In 2018, generally speaking, our testosterone levels are lower, our sperm is less potent, weโ€™re physically weaker, and we have a harder time growing beards, just to name a few things among many. These are things that can be proven scientifically and there is a lot of data out there on this. Then thereโ€™s the cultural shifts as well, our clothes getting tighter and more feminine, men dying their hair different colors, calling themselves feminists, and forfeiting their own opinion to satisfy the sensitivities of the weak. We have new words like โ€œtoxic masculinityโ€. All these things that create a weaker man, lead to a weaker nation.

Today, we have school teachers planted by our own government encouraging young children to question their gender and sexuality, which is wildly inappropriate and borders pedophilia when you consider the age of some of these kids. Well meaning teachers and parents even help these children to surgically alter their gender, or at least their genitalia, as early as elementary. When you do this to a child it is abuse. They are not old enough to make a decision like this. We’re meant to believe that a child is not old enough to consent to sex, but is old enough to consent to sexual reassignment.

Some universities are even offering coverage of sex change procedures under their student insurance programs. This causes students to rush to make an irreversible life decision while itโ€™s financially convenient. Things like this are a big part of why transgenders commit suicide at rates so much higher than the rest of us. Besides the fact that they are mentally ill, as anyone who identifies with a gender not their own is, they have made an irreversible decision in the heat of the moment, while being egged on by everyone around them to do it, and now they regret it. It becomes such a burden on them that theyโ€™d rather kill themselves than go on any longer. But this isnโ€™t about transgender suicide rates, or feeling compassion for the struggles of a man pretending to be a woman. This is about the necessary total annihilation of such a degenerate and socially destructive fantasy.

To other parts of the world, when our leaders are female and our men are dressing as women, we appear, and some would argue are, weak. This makes us vulnerable in many ways. When our population is too busy keeping up with the Kardashians to watch lawmakers decide the fate of our families on the next channel, we should be worried. If we wish to survive, this tolerance of degeneracy, this acceptance of a life in a decadent and materialistic society, is not an option.