The map above shows what percentage of each state’s population is white. Theseย numbers are changing more rapidly than ever. Low white birth rates and immigration are quickly damaging the demographics of our nation beyond repair. We’ve reached the point where even if the borders were closed today and America never took in another immigrant, whites would still lose the majority in the near future and continue to be an ever shrinking minority just due to birth rates. Among children under the age of ten, white is already the minority in America.ย If Americans want to do something to reverse this trend, it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take much more radical measures than simply ending DACA or building a border wall. Many Americans concerned with the demographic shift feel a lot more optimistic with the current administration than they have with previous administrations, but the displacement of white Americans has not been stopped, hardly even slowed down. We’ve taken great strides in the right direction, but we have to keep going. The entirely justified positions taken by many conservatives have in recent years been considered too extreme for public discord. These positions have gone mainstream and aren’t nearly as taboo in 2018. It’s now necessary to begin normalizing even more direct solutions in the same way while we have the momentum.


In 2018, even the mere acknowledgment of the existence of statistics that might suggest the slightest of differences between the races, no matter how factual they may be, will surely result in one’s being labeled a racist. Nevertheless, it’s important that people have access to this information in order to draw logical conclusions about the world around them.ย Above is a graph representing IQ levels by race. The data suggests that all men are not created equal and that the races have real genetic differences, even regarding intelligence.


The map above shows the dominant religion in each country. It’s important to keep in mind that many countries have religious minorities that make up a significant portion of their population. These minorities are not represented here.